Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there! (cuz, you know, who else would I wish a happy Canada Day to?)

Wow, the day has flown by. Of course, that happens when you're almost an hour late for work. I had 3 alarms set. I didn't hear any of them. yes. we shouldn't do that too often. Not that it really mattered as there was nothing for me to do until 11 o'clock anyway.

Had an uneventful birthday on Friday. The main reason for that seeming to be that my family forgot it was my birthday. My sister was supposed to come home so we could go roller skating. She called to say she probably wouldn't be home in time. A few hours later I called to see when she'd be home so I would know when to start dinner and she informed me she was at a restaurant right then having dinner with her friend and his mother and we should just eat without her. Then when she finally got home we decided to play some board games since it was too late to go out. When I declared that I should go fist since it was my birthday she looked at me and said, "Oh, that's today?" Then my dad piped up from the other room that he "thought that was yesterday". My reaction to that. What.ever. I did get a card in the mail from my other sister, but when I called to tell her that it got there actually on my birthday, she asked, "so is today your birthday?" She said it wasn't that she didn't know when my birthday was it was that she didn't know what date it was. Again, what.ever. It really didn't bother me that much surprisingly. Mostly because that's about how it is every year. I don't even usually get presents anymore. Though usually they don't actually forget. We probably would have gone out to dinner or something if my mom had been there, but she had to go out of town last week for work and didn't get back until Saturday.

Saw The Bourne Identity last night. I made my sister pay for my ticket since she forgot about my birthday. And also because I didn't notice until we got there that I didn't have enough cash on me. :) It was a pretty good movie. Good cast. Matt Damon is still really fucking hot with the best smile ever. And Franka Potente, who I loved in Run Lola Run and haven't seen in anything else, was awesome. Hopefully she'll do more english speaking roles in the future. The only bad thing about the movie was the fast editing and hand held cameras made me queasy.

And I feel the need to mention that whle I think Celebrity is NSYNC's best album, No Strings Attached is my favorite. At least, the import version with I'll Never Stop and If Only Though Heaven's Eyes. I believe it's the Australian import. I don't know. I have 3 versions of NSA. And while NSA is my favorite Album, my favorite song is The Two of Us, which as everyone knows is on Celebrity. I know, even I'm confused at this point. Which means it's time to go home.

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