Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

oh yeah, I remember what else I was gonna say. So yesterday when news of Joey being in RENT broke, I got the urge to listen to my RENT CDs. But for some reason, I had decided not to bring my CD case to work. So, blah. whatever. Well, I made sure I brought it today and fully intended to listen to my RENT CDs. Until I got here and realized I had taken my headphones home yesterday and forgot to bring them with me this morning. So, not so much with the brilliant. I'm sure y'all are so glad you know this now. Also, what with all the NSYNC on TV last night, I had NSYNC dreams. I don't remember very many specifics. I remember Justin was there. And I think Pharell Williams was too. Don't ask me why. It was a strange dream and the only thing I can really remember with any clarity is Justin's smile. We were talking and he smiled at me for whatever reason and I was just. yes. Even in my dreams Justin can melt me with his smile.
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