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Back from the weekend o' squee. And I made it all by myself with no problems. Much fun was had this weekend. JC's underwear was viewed. Along with a nice ol' teddy bear to the crotch. JC, that is, not me. He took it like a man and kept on dancing.

much puppy!porn was viewed (along with Much puppy!porn wherein sarahchica discovered Rick the temp and is now planning their wedding, I believe). Also, some BSB tapes were watched and I have renewed my love for Nicky. Sweet, twirly, over-emote-y Nicky. How I love him. And much to my horror, I have found a strange attraction for Kevin. Sometimes. This will have to be blamed on incredulity and sarahchica. They may have to pay for this.

Have gotten halfway through skip=280 on my friends list. Will attempt to get completely caught up at work tomorrow. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, I'm assuming. I attempted to clean and get laundry done early tonight so I could go to bed, but that didn't happen. Now I must finish up my laundry so I can sleep.

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