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I hate people who wait until the last minute to bid on auctions. I had bid on some NSYNC tapes a week and a half ago and they stayed at $40 until today about an hour before the auction closed. Some one outbid me so I put in another bid. It was up to about $60 until 5 minutes before the auction closed, when all hell broke loose. All of a sudden there were about 5 people bidding on this sucker, and even though I wanted it, I just can't afford to pay $256.01(yes, that was the closing bid) just for some NSYNC appearances. Even if it is 27 tapes worth. I mean, there was a lot of good stuff listed. Really old stuff that I've never seen. Which, technically, isn't hard to come by since there's a lot of stuff I haven't seen. The price just keep going higher and higher every time I refreshed the page. It was kind of interesting to watch. :) I mean, I really didn't think I was gonna get it for $40, or even $60. Hell, I didn't even really want to pay $60. I figured I'd get outbid. But I really, really wanted those tapes.