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I woke up this morning with You Don't Have to Be Alone running through my head. I have no idea why as my dreams had nothing to do with either Christmas or being alone. In fact, they were rather along the sci-fi vein (I won't bore you with details). So whatever. But I was dubbing the Ntimate Holiday Special for someone over the weekend, so that's probably why. Still, don't really get it.

I am so incredibly tired this morning. Which is odd, because I actually got to bed early last night. Happens every time though. More sleep = more tired in the morning. I'm strange.

And now I'm avoiding the huge pile of work on my desk. Which I really should do today, considering I probably won't get it all done today anyway. So, yes. Now I get off the computer and actually do some work. I know, try to hide your astonishment.

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