Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

So of course last night my dreams involved Christmas. Because, you know, that would make total sense after the previous night. The thing is, that's all I really remember about that dream. That it was something about Christmas. I have no idea what happened.

I also had a dream wherein I was talking to someone (I think it was someone from LJ, but I really couldn't say who) about these NSYNC stickers I have and how I was going to give someone one of the Justin stickers. And this mystery person informed me that I couldn't give away any of the Justin stickers (even though I had doubles) because I had to save them all for Violet and if I gave even one of them to someone else she would be really pissed. Because apparently, in my dreams, Violet is a selfish bitch. Which is, you know, exactly how she is in real life, right? ;) Or not. I could have been lying about that last bit.

And I must once again state that I should not be allowed within 20 miles of Best Buy, because apparently I can't even drive by without going in. And once I'm in there, there is absolutely no chance of me leaving without buying something. I went just to look a Nelly's new album. I though maybe I'd buy it next week. At first I couldn't find the rap section and I stumbled into the soundtracks. So of course I picked up the How the Grinch Stole Christmas soundtrack. Then I figured I might as well just buy the Nelly album, since I was getting something anyway. Then I remembered I wanted to see if they had SLC Punk and on my way through the DVD section, I saw Crossroads and had to buy that as well. So now I have 2 new CDs and 2 new DVDs. I still have DVDs I bough a few weeks ago that I haven't watched yet. It's an addiction, yo.

And now for your stupid joke. It's a little old, but still marginally funny.

Microsoft announced today that the release of the new Y2K compliant Windows 2000 will be delayed until the second quarter of 1901.

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