Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

hmmm, I never do surveys. But I was bored so...

Where Were You When...

John F. Kennedy was shot? (Nov. 22, 1963)
Man landed on the moon? (July 20, 1969)
Chris Kirkpatrick was born? (October 17, 1971)
...Lumping these three together because I wasn't born yet.

Then there's the ones I was too young to remember:

America celebrated its Bicentennial? (July 4, 1976)...I was one week old
JC Chasez was born? (August 8, 1976)...I was 6 weeks old. Nyah! I'm older than JC!
Joey Fatone was born? (January 28, 1977)...7 months old. (like, to the day. I was born June 28)
Elvis died? (August 17, 1977)... Just over a year old
Lance Bass was born? (May 4, 1979)...Almost 3 years old
Justin Timberlake was born? (January 31, 1981)...uh, like, 4 1/2 years old
Ronald Reagan was shot? (March 31, 1981)...still not 5 yet.

And then the rest which are pretty much hit or miss. I'm not a big news watcher.

Challenger exploded? (January 28, 1986)...I remember hearing about it. I was in school when it happened.
the stock market dropped 508.32 points (Black Monday)? (October 19, 1987)...uh, no idea. I barely even remember this happening.
when Kurt Cobain killed himself (April 8, 1994)...This one I remember. It was my senior year of high school and I was laying on my bed doing homewrok. I had the TV on MTV, but also had my headphones on. The first thing I heard when I took my headphones off was that Kurt Cobain had shot himself.
the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed? (April 19, 1995)...well, judging by the date I was probably still up at college. Freshman year. But I have no recollection of actually hearing about this. I just know that it happened.
Princess Diana died in a car accident? (August 30, 1997)...This one I remember because I was waching TV and saw the first reports of it. I was up at school. I had just moved into my dorm a few days earlier. I remember cooking dinner and watching the news.
*NSYNC first appeared on MTV? (April 15, 1998)...Yeah, well back then you wouldn't have caught me within 10 feet of any pop music so I didn't catch this on TV. But I'd have to say I was probably, once again, still up at school. This would have been about 2 months after I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years.
students and teachers were shot in Columbine HS, Littleton, Colorado? (April 20, 1999)...hmmm. I vaguely remember hearing about it. I remember the after effect more than I remember it actually happening. I have no idea where I was at the time. This was the year I took off from school, I think. I was probably working.
America was attacked? (September 11, 2001)...This one I definitely remember. I was working at the printing company and pretty much everything stopped for the day. I mean, technically we still worked, but there was a guy who had a TV in his office and most everyone was there for most of the day. I was online checking CNN for pretty much the whole day. I don't think much work got done. And I went home during my lunch to watch the news.

Now, don't you feel informed?

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