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I am so tired today. Stayed up late last night doing...stuff. I can't remember what. I feel somewhat disconnected lately. There's controversy all over the place.

I like the title of Justin's album. It's cute. I do not, however care much for his single. But then, I've only heard it once. I shall have to listen more and give it time to grow on me. And of course I'm still buying the album when it comes out.

I am however very much in love with Nicky's new single. I have listened to that over and over. Cannot wait for the album. Am hoping desperately for a tour. And sarahchica has been sending me many Nicky pictures. I fear my love for Nick will overtake my love for Lance. But then summer_cycle posts beautiful Lance pictures and everything is right in the world again.

And I finally found the new Life Story after 4 trips to the same store and various trips to multiple other stores.

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