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Aug. 30th, 2002

ok, now that I've calmed down a bit...yes, I'm taping the re-airing. I knew it was going to re-air and I knew I'd be able to tape it. However, I am not staying up to edit out all the commercials as I did the first time. I'm over it. I'm still pissed at myself though.

But Justin! He was so good. At least I thought so. Maybe I have so powers of discrimination when it some to NSYNC. Or even Justin by himself. I loved the performance. Everything about it. And that's al I have to say. It was just awesome.

I am sad however that NSYNC did not win one single award they were nominated for. I didn't figure they'd get Video of the Year for Gone, but I thought for sure at least one of the others for Girlfriend. Perhaps I was deluding myself. I didn't realize No Doubt was so popular. Bleh. I'm tired. Going to bed now.