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sarahchica is gone (gone!) *sniff* She left a whiler ago to go back home. This weekend was so much fun. We watched much footage this weekend. Boys, puppies, and Aaron Carter. We also shopped. A lot. Much Boys stuff was purchased by both of us. And NSYNC stuff too (mostly by me). But no monkeys. ;)

We also went to the get together in Ann Arbor where I met people. One of which was Wax. And Devon, because it was at his house. I can't remember everyone else. A sieve, yo.

We also heard Nick's single on the radio 3 times, and Justin's 1209234753 times. Or, at least, more than Nick's.

And now I have to go sort through all my purchases, do some laundry, clean up a little and get some rest. Because I am so tired.