Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

hmmm, I had lots of stuff to say earlier. Can't really remember any of it now. I am once again technically unemployed. Not enough work for me. They did say they'd love to have me back if they get more work in. Whatev, man. I need money now.

This does not bode well for my going to see Joey in RENT. Not only do I not have a ticket or hotel, now I don't have income to get them in the future. I'm still hoping I can get some work before then and be able to save up some money. I am a bit peeved about the whole situation though.

Also, I need more Nick Carter footage. I cannot get enough. Nick was my first boyband crush. Well, no, Jordan Knight was. But after that I was really into heavy metal and alternative music in high school. And then along came the backstreet boys and I hated them. But I thought Nick was cute. And so I eventually listened to the music and started liking it. If it weren't for Nick Carter I might not like NSYNC now. And now that he's got his solo album coming out and he seems so happy and he's just. guh. My Nicky love is back in full force. I mean, it never really went away, but it might have been a little overshadowed by my NSYNC love. Not to mention I now have sarahchica as my Nicky enabler. Well, really my BSB enabler. Thanks to her I have been finding Kevin Richardson rather hot lately also. And that's just wrong, yo. But anyway. the point...can't get enough Nick Carter.
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