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I have an unholy amount of love for my new BBMAK CD. Followed closely by the new Weezer album. But mostly BBMAK. I love it a really lot.

And seeing as how I no longer have anything to do all day I have been forced to find ways to keep myself busy. So I've been scanning various and assorted posters that I have saved. Some I've detagged, but some were too much and still have the magazine logo on them. They're big, yo. Feel free to use them and share them.

Backstreet Boys 'Got milk?' add
Howie Dorough
Nick Carter wallpaper (800x600)
Nick Carter
Nick and Aaron Carter
Lance and Joey
Lance Bass
Justin Timberlake 1
Justin Timberlake 2
Justin Timberlake 3
Justin Timberlake 4
Justin Timberlake 5
Dan Miller
Jennifer Lopez
Joshua Jackson
Orlando Bloom

And it's a new icon. Kevin! from Sarah