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Oh man, am I tired. And cranky. But I have had a nice shower and I feel better than when I got home. Just so y'all know, 12 hour shifts suck ass. I'm working at the Lionel train factory. This used to be the Lionel train factory. Before they figured out they could get cheaper labor overseas and shut most of it down. Everything used to be done here. Now it's all "made in China". But they still ship stuff here for quality control and distribution. And I am working in quality control. I spent 12 hours today unpacking model trains. I unpacked a lot of frickin' trains. My fingers are sore from undoing 789340239845729734 twist ties. And my cuticles are tore up from opening all the boxes. But it's only for 4 days. I can do it. Hey, if I can work 12 hour shifts at Toys 'R' Us during Christmas time, I can handle this.

Also, it appears I missed Nicky's first day at #1 on TRL. Of course. Story of my frickin' life, man. Wow, I am too tired to proofread this post. That's really tired, just so you know. Thank god for spell check.

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