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It always take me so long to get caught up on stuff when I'm gone for the weekend. I'll still be catching up tomorrow. Did I miss anything cool?

Fun was had this weekend. Supposed 4 hour road trip took...well...longer than it should have. It was cool to be back on a college campus, if only for a day. I really want to go back to school and finish my degree. I need money first, though. Football game was fun. "Our" team won. I met Sarah's family who were cool. And most important, there were many cute boys to gawk at on campus. And I may have decided I like the bagpipe band. This may have something to do with the cute drummer. Not entirely, but maybe just a little.

Roadtrip home took much less time than it took to get down there. Then my dad talked me into going to the computer show with him by telling me I could get something for my computer. I got nothing. But, whatever. I would have gotten a new video card, but my dad said I could have one out of one of the computers that he's got laying around that don't work. (the computers don't work. I hope the video cards do) So hopefully tomorrow I can rip one of those out and out it in my computer.

I have new some icons, but I have to upload them and I'm too tired to do so right now. So pretend my icon is Jimmy Fallon. And now I sleep.
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