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Oct. 1st, 2002

Buffy tonight was...wow. Very interesting. I am very interested in seeing where this goes. And, I love Spike. Especially when he's wearing a tight blue shirt. yes. *drools*

Smallville was...eh. Why is it whenever anyone needs some sexy, big breasted girl in a TV show or movie it's always Krista Allen? I didn't like her when I first saw her on Days of Our Lives (mainly because the character she took over changed completely, and not for the better) and I don't like her now. Next week's episode looks much more interesting.

There's more I'd say about all this, but it would take me forever to get my thoughts out coherently. And I really don't feel like sitting here all night typing them up.

Tomorrow is the season premiere of Dawson's Creek. Yay! It's about frickin' time.

Also, I think this is the first season of The Real World that I really didn't want to see. I like only 2 of the people on it. Everyone else I hate, so far. I'm watching Judging Amy instead. Besides, I'm sure I can catch it one of the 57203492843 times it will reair if I really want to.