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I was thinking tonight about how I'm not really part of the slash fandom.

Sometimes I wonder how I got involved in all this. This being "the fandom". Specifically the slash part of it. Because, really, I'm not in it at all. Almost everyone on my LJ friends list writes slash. And if they don't write it, they read it. But I don't write. And I don't read much of it either. Or at all, really. I mean, I've read slash. And I've liked stories. But I was never really into it and I haven't read any in a long, long time. And I probably won't anytime soon. Because I'm just not a big fan fiction reader in general.

Basically, I'm not in this fandom for the slash. And I remember being quite surprised that there are people out there who are. I guess there are people who would say I'm not in the fandom then. And I would tend to agree with them. I never considered myself in it. I am a fan of NSYNC. Anyone who meets for any period of time me can tell that. But, to me, slash does not enter into the equation. When I see pictures I don't think Chris and Justin aresoinlove. I don't think JC and Justin are dating. I'm not all about the JoLa. And I don't think Freddy Hernandez is Lance's boyfriend. I'm never quite sure when people are serious about the stuff they say. I just go with the assumption they're not being serious about any of it. Because to me it's all fiction. Which is, in my opinion, the operative word in fan fiction.

And I don't understand the mentality that everything is slash. When I see someone say something like "Please tell me someone is writing this," or along those lines, I don't get it. To some people everything is slash. And to me it's really not. I don't know any other way to express what I think, I just don't get it.

Now, all that being said, I love the people I've met through LJ. And people in the fandom in general. I enjoy reading everyone's journals. I'm not offended when people say stuff about NSYNC, or BSB, or O-Town. Or anyone else I like for that matter. If you think JC is gay, that's fine with me. I just happen to disagree. If you think Justin and Nick are MFEO, fine. I just happen to disagree. If you think Carson Daly is a tool...well, that's fine too. I just happen to disagree. I'm used to not having the popular opinion. But back to what I was saying in the beginning, I wonder how I got involved in all this, what with not believing it and all. I wonder how many of the people I know really believe. I wonder who really believes. I wonder if people add me to their friends list because of who's on my friends list and who's lists I'm on. Because I don't read or write slash. Or even talk about it in my journal. And most of the people I know through LJ do.

I guess the gist of all of that is this. I want to know. Why did you add me to your friends list (or in the case of lurkers if I have any, why do you read my journal?)? I know many people added me because I added them first. But there are just as many other people who added me first. And I'm curious. So I'm asking.
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