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Wow, time flies when you're working on your webpage. I'm basically starting from scratch. Everything has to be reformatted. And I'm doing some new stuff I haven't done before so it's taking me a long time while I learn new stuff. It just looks so much better than it did before. Of course it's only a fraction of the way done. Only one link is actually working. heh

The new O-Town album come out tomorrow. I have to remember to go buy it. I'll have to take Justin out of the CD player. For a bit anyway. His album really is growing on me. I find I've actually been playing it more than Nick's album. And Cry Me A River, which I didn't like much at all upon first hearing, is one of my favorites. I may have gotten a teensy bit excited earlier when I heard it on the radio earlier. Though, Rock Your Body is still my favorite.

Now I must to sleep. Hopefully to have nice dreams about Matthew Ashford again tonight.