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Woo! I got stuff from my secret Santa! And I was a bit surprised what with it still being November and all. ;) But it was a whole package of green-y goodness! I wasn't gonna open it. I was going to at least wait until December. But, there was a rip in the wrapping. And some stuff just kind of fell out. No, really! It fell. And then I though that I'd just leave the rest. But, it was just sitting there. I lasted 5 hours, man. What more do you want from me?! I'm only human! hee. And I got lots of cool stuff. Like lip gloss with green sparkles and a cdbone, which is probably the funniest thing ever. and body jewelry, green candy, and jasmine scented incense sticks, and a mint scented drawer sachet. Which is probably like my favorite scent ever and one I didn't even mention in my survey because I'm a total dumbass. :) My room smells minty fresh! And there was a green pen and a pad of paper, and then possibly the coolest thing ever...a rope watch. Seriously. The coolest watch ever. Did I mention in my survey that I collect watches? probably not. Because I suck. But I do. And this is the coolest watch EVER! hee. And then a CD (of all New Zealand bands?) which is really cool so far. I'm not yet halfway through it. This is some ass shakin' music, man. :) Nice hard rock. Makes me want to go out to a club.

So to make a long story short (too late), I have the best. secret Santa. ever. Thank you! :)

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