Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

God, I have another frickin' headache. I swear I get one a day. I want to go to the doctor. But I have no insurance and no job. I can't afford it right now. You'd think this would be motivation to get off my ass and find a job. But, no. I still don't even know where to begin looking. But these headaches have got to stop. Sometimes it's not even like a headache, it's more of a shooting pain in the right side of my head. Sometimes it only lasts a few seconds and sometimes longer. I tried telling my mom about it and her advice was to "take some aspirin". Yeah, thanks. But the thing is, it always goes away when I take aspirin. So who knows. maybe that's the answer. Maybe it's from being at the computer so much. But today, while I was playing a computer game, I got a headache. Then all of a sudden I got dizzy. It only lasted a few seconds, but it came out of nowhere.

So anyway, I was feeling kind of crappy today, but then opheliam posted this picture and, pretty much speaks for itself.

can't. stop. laughing...AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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