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We have snow. Lots of snow. And I hear we're getting more. At least 9 inches tonight. Good Lord! It's too early for that kind of snow around here. I mean, if I was up at school I'd have expected snow like this last month or even the month before. But we don't usually get this much snow this early.

And of course I had to pick this day to go to the post office. Driving was oh so fun. Or, you know...not! Because not only did I have to contend with the ice and snow, but also the hundreds of other idiots out there driving.

And then the post office. The loveliest place on earth. Because everyone's so cheery and happy that they have to stand in line for and hour to mail one little thing. I am probably one of the people everyone else was giving the evil eye to because I had 4 things to mail out. And the guy behind me was ever so subtle with his barely audible "All I need is stamps". And yet I did not get the hint and let him go in front of me. Or more accurately, I got the hint, but still didn't let him ahead. Mainly because I was there first and my arms were really frickin' tired from holding the packages I had. But also because, dude, we all have to wait in line. That's life. I have never, nor would I ever, ask the person in front of me if I could go first just because I had less stuff than them. If they offer, it's one thing. And I have offered to other people before. But I'm not the type to ask someone (or make not so subtle declarations that they should) to let me go ahead. So yeah, he waited.

Also, everyone needs to shut up already. And I do mean everyone.
Ooh, look, I made a cryptic post. well, not the whole post, just those 2 little sentences.

And all of that makes it sound like I'm in a bad mood or something. But I'm really not. Because it's almost Christmas, and I'm going to New York to see Joey in RENT in less than 2 weeks!

Also, I'm in love with my new default icon. He is so pretty.
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