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Yes, I am very tired today. I have not gotten back into the swing of things yet since my trip. Which is kind of strange because there's nothing to back into the swing of. I am still without a job and all. But I did actually do stuff today. Mailed out my last secret Santa gift. Also mailed out the gift for the Operation Santa Claus letter I picked up at RENT. And of course I saw The Two Towers. Which is really fucking good. I am still so in love with Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood, but I am also developing quite an affinity for Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan. And of course, everyone loves Sean Astin, right? How could you not?

So, I suppose I should actually write down some stuff about my trip before I forget it all. Cutaway because it's very long.

Well, let's just start at the beginning and go from there. sarahchica (Sarah) got here Thursday night and we left early Friday in hopes of getting there in time to see Justin at his little store appearance thing. (Well, I was hoping, anyway. Sarah wasn't too bent on it.) Anyway, the drive was 11 hours. We ran into some bad weather (fog and rain) in Pennsylvania. Which is the longest state ever. It is the state the never ends. So, yes. Didn't get there in time. And I found out later he cancelled anyway, so it didn't really matter. So I did not get my sign autographed by Justin. We decided not to make the trek into the city on Friday night anyway because we didn't know where everyone else was and it cost over $11 each way.

We were sharing a hotel room with dreamtrance (Kelly), newdaydawning (Ang) and rositamia (Mia), so we waited there for them to get back from wherever they were. Then we all talked and looked at pictures and finally went to sleep. On Saturday Sarah was meeting her friend and spending the day with her, so it was Mia, Kelly, Ang and I. We were meeting up with hammerhead22, kachera and without_me to try for lottery tickets for the matinee show. Also met lots of other people when I got there. As far as I can remember, liz_w, rhyssj, nothinggold, lynhawk and thebeamiestface were there. Uh, there may have been other people there. It's a bit blurry in my mind though. We didn't win lottery tickets so we took off to see the city. Went to Toys 'R Us in Times Square, passed the MTV studios, grabbed some lunch at this fabulous little pizza place, then headed over towards Rockefeller Center.

Passed Radio City Music Hall, saw the big Christmas Tree, stopped at the NBC store where Mia and I almost lost Kelly and Ang, and then headed back to Planet Hollywood to meet up with everyone before the evening show. There I met even more people including chicksrus (Marion), nesleyswipes, mitajoey, zoicite, arsenicjade, wonderdawg, wickedwisdom and lemniskate. Plus everyone from earlier. All in all there was somewhere between 20 and 25 of us there. So much fun. And we had the coolest waiter. Funniest thing that happened (in my opinion, yo) was when I pointed out JC on one of the monitors and everyone else at my table turned around and pointed at the screen and yelled "JC!" The entire restaurant stopped talking. Fun times, man.

Then it was back to the theater for the evening show. This was the first time I'd seen the show in 2 years. 4th time in all. It was so amazing. And that theater is so tiny. The places I've seen it in were so much bigger. It was great because everything was so close. Granted, I was in the 5th row (thanks to rositamia for getting me the ticket). I was in the far right section so Angel and Collins were right in front of me during Mimi and Roger singing Without You. They had me bawling. After the show I was going to try and get Joey's autograph but I couldn't get in close enough so I tried to take pictures instead. I haven't taken my film in so I don't know if they turned out. There were plans for a get together back at the hotel, but people were tired and most of us ended up just going to bed.

Just like I am going to do now. I'll have to finish this up tomorrow or something.

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