Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

Woo! I rock. I got the Christmas tree up all by myself. Though, I did have to employ the circular saw to get the bottom of the tree off. There was no way I was gonna be able to saw it off otherwise. But it's up. And it's mostly straight. It's hard to adjust it when you're the only one there and you have to keep crawling out from under the tree to check it. Next comes decorating. Maybe later. I'm going to see The Two Towers again tonight with my friend Jason and maybe I can talk him into helping me.

I also want to see if he'll go with me to get a kitten. I mentioned to my mom jokingly before she left that I was gonna get another cat while they're gone. I thought she'd say no. But she didn't and we talked a bit about it. So I'm thinking maybe I will go get one. This will be the first pet that's all mine. The other pets we've had were family pets. I really want a puppy, but I know my mom would have a fit about that.

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