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Dec. 23rd, 2002

I got back my first roll of film from New York. Most if it's probably not interesting to anyone but me. But I did manage to get some pictures of Joey after the Saturday night show. Since I couldn't get up to the barricade Saturday night, these were taken by holding my camera up above everyone's head, pointing in Joey's general direction and praying. They didn't turn out horrible considering all that. Of course, these have been cropped a lot.

And here we have everyone at Planet Hollywood Saturday before the evening show.
This was the other table.

from left to right: without_me, dreamtrance, hammerhead22, kachera, newdaydawning, saturn92103, liz_w, thebeamiestface, and lemniskate.

And my table.

from left to right: mitajoey, wickedwisdom, nesleyswipes, me, rositamia, dreamtrance (she snuck into our picture too, though she was sitting at the other table), chicksrus marion, wonderdawg, zoicite, arsenicjade, and rhyssj.

I hope I got everyone’s names right. And I didn't get anyone's permission to post those, so I hope no one really minds. If you do just let me know and I'll take it down.

And then a few of me.

At Battery Park in front of the Statue of Liberty. (It looks so tiny!)

And here I am by a poster for RENT in the subway.

I haven't gotten my other roll developed yet. I'll take it in after Christmas. There should be some better pictures of Joey. Assuming they turn out ok, that is.


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Dec. 23rd, 2002 08:21 pm (UTC)
Yay! Photos! Of LJers! And Joooooeeeey! Woo! Thanks for sharing! :)

Dec. 23rd, 2002 08:31 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. :) I had a feeling you'd like those pictures of Joey. heh
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