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Well, I finally got my second roll of pictures from New York developed. These are from Sunday (which would have been the 15th). Sunday was the day that I won lottery seats. It was, of course, also the day that I had 3rd row center tickets, and really the only reason I tried for lottery seats was so people in our group who didn't have tickets would have a better chance. And it worked, so yay for that. The lottery seats were second row and one on either side, so I sold them to nothinggold and lynhawk, and sarahchica and I kept our original seats. It was so surreal to see it from that close. But it was awesome. Joey was right. there. Then after the show I was bound and determined to get Joey's autograph, so I hauled ass to get up near the barricade and ended up right in front on the very end. I was basically standing in front of his car. He wasn't going anywhere until I got that autograph. ;) And I got it! Yay! And I got some better pictures of him too. So more pictures behind the cutaway.

I'll start with Joey since that's what you're all here for. :)

Ok, first is the autograph. I don't know how well this will show up. My monitor is darker than most and it barely shows up, so I have no idea if it will show up on lighter monitors. But you can see it on the actual picture fairly well. I tried to get him to sign it with a silver marker I had brought, but of course he was in a hurry, so no go.

Then we have some pictures of Joey signing stuff.

Then me with Karmine Alers. (she played Mimi for those who don't know)

And me in by the poster in front of the Nederlander.

And that's pretty much it that would be of interest to anyone other than me. But hey, if you're really interested in seeing more of the pictures I took (there really aren't all that many anyway), email me and I'll show them you to. ;)

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