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I missed the AMAs last night. I'm kind of sad about that. First of all (duh) because I didn't get to see NSYNC. But also because I like awards shows. I know, once again something not many other people seem to like. Whatever. I'm just happy that there are people out there who are willing to make video captures and share. And I do so love all of the pictures. Especially the ones of Lance. Need more Lance!;)

I bought more DVDs yesterday. Finally got Spiderman, Rudy (because, hello, Sean Astin movie I didn't own yet), Fight Club, Stepmom (only $9.99) and American Psycho. I love American Psycho and it has always distressed me that I don't own it. Couldn't find it at Best Buy. Had to go to Media Play. I even got the unrated version. I also risked my life for it since some jerk who doesn't understand that a red light means stop almost hit me while I was driving from Best Buy to Media Play. *shakes fist* oh yeah, also got the Barenaked Ladies DVD. almost forgot about that.

I also got The Tingler. But that one is still in the wrapper, as I bought it with the intention of giving it to my mom for her birthday or something. But, I want to open it. because...The Tingler! And Vincent Price! I'll have to put it away so it doesn't tempt me.

And, next I want to buy Toy Soldiers on DVD. A while ago I was looking for it on DVD and it wasn't available, so I ended up getting it on VHS. Now it's available on DVD and I want it. Of course, I’ll have to order it from like, or something since none of the stores have it. Bastards.

Also, I have my FTP server up and running! yay! I finally got around to having someone test it and it works! so now I can share files easier. A big thank you to eikichi_onizuka for all the help with that.

And lastly, thanks to firebreather, I spent the bulk of my night last night at I love Wil Wheaton. I was one of the few people who actually liked Wesley Crusher and I was so disappointed when he left the show. I was excited to see him in Nemesis, even if it was only for like, half a scene. heh. It's been ages since I last went to his website. I shall have to make the effort to visit it more often.

Ohh! Also my new icon. It's dork!Lance from adelate! How I love dork!Lance.

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