Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

I broke the answering machine. oops. But it's ok. because I fixed it. unfortunately that required unplugging it and taking it apart and so the saved messages were lost. Hope my parents don't mind too much. It was only 2 messages and you couldn't play them anyway, what with the machine being broke and all.

Went to Borders tonight. I love Borders. I'd shop there all the time if I had more money. Today I bought 2 books (About A Boy and Franny and Zooey), 2 magazines (Interview and Empire) and 1 CD (Barenaked Ladies Disc One). Then I sat and had a cafe mocha and didn't listen to my CD because the batteries in my CD player were dead. Stupid me forgot to check them before I left. Then grocery shopping, and I just realized I forgot the cat food. Which means I've got to back tomorrow. I'd go back now but it's freezing out there. Not that is will be that much warmer tomorrow I suppose. Oh well. I also forgot to take my check and deposit in the bank so I've got to go do that tomorrow anyway.

As for tonight, I think I will watch a movie. Now to decide between Buying the Cow and The Evening Star.
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