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wow, I went all day without getting online. kind of. I was downloading things, but I haven't checked my e-mail or LJ at all. I was busy. Mostly watching movies that I downloaded and burning them onto CD. I really want my computer back. I keep wanting to do stuff and then I realize I can't because it's on my computer and I'm using my dad's. It's kind of annoying.

But, I did get the Nick Carter tickets today! Woo! One more week! And Sarah will be here too. I can't wait.

So, in my sbsense I seem to have missed a lot. Something dastardly is going on with LJ? What is a Distributed Denial of Service attack, anyway? And Justin grabbed Kylie's ass while performing with her at the BRIT Awards? There are pictures of that all over my friends page.

And yesterday I forgot to say happy birthday to sarahchica and theboyy.

This not having a computer really sucks. And I still don't know what's wrong with it. Except I'm pretty sure it's not the power supply. Which makes me not too happy becuase that would be very easy to fix. Have I mentioned lately that I hate computers?

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