Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

I want my computer back. I miss it. There's stuff I want to do and I can't because it's on my computer and my computer is not working. Still don't know what's wrong with it. I put a new power supply in and it works...well...I wouldn't say better, but the power lights at least come on now. The hard drive still isn't spinning up though and it's basically still not working. So far people I've consulted have said it's likely either the video card or the motherboard. Probably more likely the motherboard I think. Who knows. This computer has given more trouble than any I've ever owned before. And I've only had it since July.

And I've been wanting to rotate some of my old icons in, but I couldn't since I don't have my computer. Then I remembered I have a bunch of them backed up on CD. So I changed a bunch. Including the one on this post, which I've never used before. Check 'em all out here if you're interested.
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