Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

So, I've got the use of one of my dad's laptops in the absence of my actual computer. My dad has graciously let me use the 4x86 75 MHz. The hard drive on this thing (327 MB. woohoo!) is just big enough for Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer 5 (no IE6 because I'm running win95), with a little bit left over. Actually, I was going to use the Pentium 133, but we couldn't get it to connect to the network (I hate computers). I wanted to use the AMD K6-2 350, but my dad actually uses that one so I'd still have to share. And his use gets priority over mine. So instead I get this one. Aren't I lucky?

It's funny, I remember when this was top of the line. And I still had my 2x86. I didn't get a 3x86 until we got internet connection in the dorms at school. And now I've got my spiffy new super-fast computer and it doesn't even work. That just figures, you know?

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