Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

I have my computer back!!!!! *hugs computer* Replaced the motherboard (again) and that seemed to fix it. My dad seems to think that both the power supply and the motherboard needed replacing. Something happened to one and shorted the other out, or something like that. But it's all better now. And the people at the computer show replaced the motherboard for free, too. Saved me about 65-70 bucks.

Also, my mom finally got the bath tub in the front bathroom recaulked, so I don't have to use the tiny shower in the other bathroom anymore. So that's also good.

Now I have to get my room cleaned up a bit, because I am having a new mattress delivered on Tuesday and it would probably be a good thing if they cold get it into my room without stepping on all my stuff.

And I'm sorry to anyone who I was talking to on AIM. It is not playing nice tonight. Maybe I'll be back on later if it lets me.
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