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Today is a beautiful day. It looks like it may storm later, but right now the sun is shining and it's actually warm out for a change. I love Michigan weather. When I'm not hating it, that is. ;)

It does not even feel like a Monday today. It actually feels rather like a Saturday, despite the fact that I am at work. Thankfully the phones have not been too busy today. There was a spurt right at about 12:15 (I will never understand why everyone calls at lunch time. Look at a clock, people!) but that's been mostly it so far. I even managed to finish the book I was reading (Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger, for anyone who cares).

I was reminiscing with sarahchica on AIM about last fall when Nick and Justin's albums came out and all the fun that went along with that. Anticipating the Album release, planning for concerts that didn't even exist yet, etc. But she is gone now. I am bored. I keep checking my e-mail, but all I ever seem to get is junk. Seriously. I think I had 21 new messages this morning and they were all junk mail. And that's with my spam filter turned on.

And I really have no point to this post. Not even a new icon. So I go now.

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