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While I was watching Making the Video: Pop today, I noticed something. I don't usually notice things like this, but I was watching JC pretty closely in order to do my favorite 20 JC moments. During the part where they are doing the choreography in front of the green screen for the morphing part of the video, I was watching JC on a close up, and I noticed one of his shirts looked familiar. I rewound it and sure enough, it was the shirt Lance wore on The View in July. You know, the ugly one. I swear I almost fell off my couch. Since when is Lance raiding JC's video wardrobe? He should probably stop that. Anyway...on to the good stuff.

In no particular order:

1. On Ananda when he's talking about what they do when they forget the words. "Y'all know the words"
2. From Making the Tour "I don't wanna dance anymore"
3. From the MTV Movie Awards - Armadedd'n sync "There's no I in NSYNC!"
4. Not sure what it's originally from, but on Road to Celebrity in moment #9 when they're doing the concert and JC has the crowd yell "what's up MTV" and he mouths the words along with the crowd.
5. When they were on Regis this summer, at the end of their performance, when Regis comes out and tries to dance and JC does the dorky moves with him.
6. On Leno when Chris is explaining how he broke his arm and some girl in the audience screams, JC looks at Chris solemnly and says "She was there."
7. On Making the Tour, before they sing TIPY the whole "Let's move Closer" and "I broke it!"
8. On Making the Tour, when he's talking about the gags. "We're sitting on stools...nope! We're up in the air! Hey everybody."
9. "I have to save. Because. Yes."
10. Making the Tour, imitating the crew. "Pull the lever. Start the fire."
11. On Ananda when he's imitating his mom, "You should try this because, you know, you are doing stuff anyways."
12. Making the Video: Pop "You going to get sexafied."
13. Not really a specific moment, I know, but in the choreography for Pop, the diva hips, with the head flip.
14. Making the Tour, "Ya think after 4 years we'd have it down to a science...we suck!"
15. On Road to Celebrity, doing the choreography while watching the performance from the 2000 VMA's.
16. TIPY, the finger point in the air on the beat before he begins his verse.
17. Making the Video: Pop, after the white room "That ish hurts"
18. Making the Tour, riding the scooter while waiting for everyone to get dressed and he pretends to get beaten up by Anthony.
19. Making the Video: Pop, When he's talking to the camera and Wade pulls him towards the set and he doesn't turn to look where he's going and runs into a big piece of equipment.
20. During the performance at the 2001 VMAs, the hip shake stepping move he does at the beginning of his verse "Why you wanna try to classify the type of thing we do"

Well...that was fun. It was weird watching someone besides Lance the whole time. And by the way...I don't know how you JC fans take it (or how he does it, for that matter). I am tired just from watching that boy! Sheesh! How much energy can one person have? Next time lets try someone a little more laid back. k?

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