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"The Great Blackout of 2003" *menacing music*

whew. a little less that 24 hours without power. thank god it wasn't longer. though, we actually have a generator so we could hook some things up. TV, refridgerator and a few lights. I suppose we're lucky being as we're outside Detroit. There are still a lot of people in more populated areas around here without power. We are still supposed to boil water for consumption though. glad we bought bottled water. I think we're still under state of emergency, too, for now.

I was still at work yesterday when power went out. Didn't get to go home early, but I didn't have to work today, so it's a trade off. Three day weekend! woohoo!

We were also without cable and phones since sometime last night. cable was no big deal because we can get the local channels. phones would have been nice though. couldn't get ahold of people. cell phones were hard to use because the circuits were always busy. plus, I don't get great reception at my house.

I'm just glad it was only one day.

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