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I did a mile on the treadmill today. I really didn't want to, but I made myself. Yesterday I only did a half mile so I had to make up for it. Which, if you think about it, really means I should have done a mile and a half. But, no. So this is my new routine. A mile everyday. I was going to be ambitious and get up early to do it before work, but that is never going to happen. So after work it is. And I have learned not to hold on to the side rails while I walk. My back was not appreciative last night. Much better today.

Today I also got my signed copy of Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton in the mail. Which I adore. (the book and the man) He is a great storyteller. I think my favorite from the bunch is Ready or Not Here I Come.

And last week I signed up for a trial at audblog, like I have been meaning to do for months. I still haven't gotten around to using it though. Maybe one of these days. I'm still iffy on paying for the service though. I mean, I can't even bring myself to use my one free post, so paying for 12 a month seems foolish.

Is there video of Justin on TRL today?

Also, Britney's new song is stuck in my head. But I don't know the words. I hate that.

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