July 20th, 2002

me again

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Do you still shop with your mom?
No. The poor old lady would wait forever.

BWAHAHAHAHAH! Oh JC. He called his mom an old lady! AHAHAHAH! I may have snort-laughed out loud and almost fell off my chair when I read that. I [heart] that boy.
rest of the interview is transcribed here.

Packages were posted today for village, two_step, dreamtrance, between_names, rositamia, gaviidaegrrl, and nemoinis.

sarahchica, yours will probably go out Monday.
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me again

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Apparently my true name is Blinking Narf Farmer.

*blinks* well, they apparently got that part right

ok then. Personally I like the second one I got better which is Sweet Candle Painter. JC and Justin both would love me. :) Plus, what the hell is a narf?