September 26th, 2002

me again

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I went and deposited my big fat paycheck from my last job in the bank. Ok, it really wasn't all that much. but it was only for 3 days and it was slightly less than I made in a week at the previous job. Mainly because of the 12 hour days. But still, I was happy.

Then I though I'd just stop at the mall quickly to get a new fleece sweatshirt at the GAP. I've been meaning to go pick one up. So I get there and of course the GAP has all their sweaters on sale for $29.99. I about died. I's the GAP. And it's sweaters. And they're on sale. I managed to leave the store with only the sweatshirt I came to buy and one other sweater. If I had a job right now I would have gotten much more though. I love when all the stores get the new sweaters in. I've been keeping myself away from the mall lately because I know I'll want to buy them all.

But for now I have my sweatshirt to take with me this weekend. I'm going to Ohio with sarahchica.Woo! road trip! kind of. but! football! and cute college boys! I'm sure much fun will be had.
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