December 18th, 2002

me again

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Wow. I have 10 new magazines. Sarah and I ended up going to a lot of bookstores today while shopping. I've now got The Advocate with Justin, Premiere with Viggo, Arena with Orlando, The new Justin & NSYNC Life Story, Us Weekly with Justin and Britney, Twist with Justin and the new M, J-14, Ignite and Tiger Beat. Not to mention the Details with Justin I picked up in New York over the weekend. The only thing I seem to be missing now is the l'uomo vogue. I think I shall never find it. I also got the new Matchbox Twenty CD, as well as a Five CD (don't ask), the Linkin Park Reanimation DVD-audio and Kurt Cobain Journals. We did not, in fact, see the new Star Trek movie though. Instead we came back to my house and watched the extended LotR with the cast commentary. Hopefully I will see The Two Towers tomorrow. Or rather, I probably will see it, I just might have to go alone as Sarah is leaving in the morning.

Sleep. Now.
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