January 1st, 2003

me again

A list of sorts

Happy New Year!!

Sinister things are apparently afoot in the land of LJ (gee, dramatic much?). And, as usual, I have no clue what anyone is talking about. But I feel like I kind of do know. But I really don't.

I can't bore you all with the writing survey that is going around, because I don't write. I hate everything I write. I always have. I only write when I am required to do so. I always dreaded English class all through high school and college.

I also don't have any new years resolutions. Nothing specific anyway. I wouldn't be good at keeping them anyway.

I hate how people fall out of touch with each other. It's tough when people are far from each other. Hell, it's tough enough when people are near to each other.

I love everyone I've met this past year. Online and in real life. There isn't one person I can think of that I met this year that I really didn't like, even if we've not kept in touch. So happy new year everyone.