April 5th, 2003


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Sarah and I were taking a quiz from the new bop to see which "superhot star we'd sizzle with." And since it's already typed up, I figured maybe other people would like to see who their "Celebrity Spring Fling" is. So have at it. And if you feel like it, leave a comment and let me know who you got. :)

1. My dream guy is:
a) not a total party animal and has a creative side
b) a playful dude who's always up for adventure
c) a sensitive sweetie who loves to talk about art
d) a guy who is never boring and can keep you on your toes
e) a kick-back cutie who loves to be goofy and have fun

2. My idea of the perfect date is:
a) cuddling together and watching a Washington Redskins game on TV
b) going sailing on a beautiful, sunny day
c) reading poetry to each other in a cool coffee shop
d) taking a romantic stroll on the beach by moonlight
e) going on a spontaneous road trip in the afternoon

3. The first thing I check out in a guy is:
a) his gorgeous eyes
b) his big, friendly grin
c) his way-huggable arms
d) his wild tattoos
e) his stylish hair

4. It totally sucks to:
a) get a shot - ouch!
b) wash the dishes - ew!
c) watch scary movies - yikes!
d) hear someone spreading rumors about me - eeek!
e) get into a fight - grrr!

5. My favorite Snow White dwarf is:
a) Sleepy
b) Happy
c) Bashful
d) Doc
e) Dopey

6. It's cool to listen to:
a) Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Sting
b) Aerosmith, Journey and Survivor
c) Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley and the Beastie Boys
d) Dr. Dre, P. Diddy and Run DMC
e) Dave Matthews Band and the Beatles

7. I dig a dude who wears:
a) Versace
b) Billabong
c) Abercrombie & Fitch
d) Vokal
e) Calvin Klein

8. On my next vacay, I want to:
a) hit the slopes with my snowboard and my sweetie
b) spend the day at the Walt Disney World resort
c) head to the zoo to scope out cute animals
d) get super spooked at a real haunted house
e) camp out in the middle of the woods

9. It's time to chow down. I crave:
a) takeout Chinese
b) pizza, pizza and more pizza
c) Italian - I love them raviolis!
d) a vegetarian dish
e) rich chocolate fudge

10. When it comes to jewelry, I like guys who wear:
a) a simple necklace, maybe with a zodiac sign pendant
b) a little gold chain and a ring
c) almost none
d) bling-bling - the more gold and diamonds, the better
e) something cool like a puka shell necklace

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