May 7th, 2003

Justin-pop music is hard work

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Today is just not my day. First, the arm on my glasses broke. (well, technically that was last night as I was getting ready for bed. but that is so not the point.) I had to tape them together this morning just so they would sit semi straight on my face. I keep having to adjust them. Ian I can't see. So annoying.

I went on my lunch to try and get them fixed. First thing the lady says is they don't carry my glasses anymore. And not only that, they don't do business with the company that makes them, so they can't even order a part. So she goes in the back to see if they have any. They do. Good. But the warranty ran out in December so I'll have to pay 20 bucks for the arm. Whatever. Well then she took the tape off and looked at my glasses. It turns out the arm they have has a different joint. So no, they don't have a part. So now I am stuck with this broken pair until I can get in to get a new pair. I'm starting to get a headache from my glasses not sitting straight. I just want to go home now.
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me again

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So I didn't get to see Buffy last night. Stupid basketball. I wonder if I can download it somewhere.

Ordered new glasses. It's gonna take up to a week because I got some special non-glare coating. So I will have to put up with crooked glasses for now. I won't be getting contacts anytime soon either like I had wanted. Glasses are expensive, man. Thankfully my mom is paying for the bulk of them.

I actually had a point when I started this, but it escapes me now. And now I go to the bank. Because I forgot to do it earlier.