June 6th, 2003

me again

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Oy. I finally have my computer working again. I've been surviving by checking e-mail and stuff at work. And my week has gotten better. Then again, it really couldn't have gotten much worse. But it's the weekend now. And I bought a new purse today so all is good.

I am having no luck finding good tickets to see Justin. I'll have to keep checking back closer to the concert date. The plan, for now, is that my friend and I will be taking her 6-year-old to the concert. Which could be fun, or it could be a bother. We'll have to see. If we even get to go. I'm not going to sit way in the back of the Palace. I've done that before when I saw Barenaked Ladies. It's not much fun.

I really want this place I'm working at to hire me in permanently. It sucks not knowing if you really have a job. I mean, I really don't enjoy answering phones, but I like the place I work at and I like the people and I am getting comfortable with everything. And for now it seems I am not going anywhere. They are giving me some more responsibilities and they asked to see my resume, so that's good. I just want to have a real job. I'm sick of bouncing from job to job. I don't do well with change.
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