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An American's Perspective:
Is it a coincidence that Moose(Hirvi), Awful(Hirveä) and Monster(Hirviö) are so similar? Or could it be that centuries ago, Finns peered out their window only to see a huge moose staring back at them? Hmmmm... something to think about...

The longest acceptable Finnish word is
(according to the Finnish edition of Guinness Bokk of Records) which has 61 characters and translates approximately to technical warrant officer trainee specialized in aircraft jet engines. This word has actually been in use in the Finnish Air Force.
(The one I heard is kaksitariffikolmivaihevaihtovirtakilowattituntimittari meaning "A three-phase kilowatthour meter with two-speed readings for the measurement of alternative current electricity," but theirs is longer)

Some Finnish Tongue Twisters
Vesihiisikö se sihisi hississä.
Appilan pappilan apupapin papupata penkilla pankolla kiehuu ja kuohuu.
Appilan pappilan apupapin paksuposkipiski pisti poskeensa paksun papupurkin.
Kokoo kokoon koko kokko! Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko.
Alavilla mailla hallan vaaraa

The Finnish language holds the world record for the longest palindrome (a word that can be read the same bothways), The word
(translating "soap stone salesman") has a few variations. The most commonly know (shorter) version is "saippuakauppias" (translating simply "soap salesman") while the more ambitious (longer) version is "saippuakalasalakauppias" (translating "black market soap fish salesman"). It is, however, unknown whether soap fish actually exists or if there is a black market for it anywhere.

The finnish word "riiuuyöaie" (courting night intention) has the largest number of consecutive vowels (9) of any words in the world.

The Finnish base dictionary (maintained by the University of Helsinki) has over one million entries, which is more than any other single language dictionary has. Therefore, one could say that the Finnish language has the largest vocabulary of all the languages.

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