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I hate my computer. It's a Pentium 200. Well no. Not even really. But it's supposedly equivalent to a Pentium 200. It's slow and it sucks ass. And it has problems. And my Internet connection is slow too, cause I can't afford any kind of high speed Internet access. So I have a 56K modem. Which of course I can't connect at 56K with, cause the FCC won't allow it or some shit like that. Why make a 56K modem if they're not gonna let us connect that fast. It's almost like false advertising. With this modem you can connect at 56K...oh wait...not really...but you could if they'd let you. So if I'm downloading anything I can't view any web pages. They just won't load. I know very well that is there. Just won't load on my computer. So now I have to wait till my download is done to check me e-mail. This is why I end up spending all of me time on the computer. Cause it takes me 5 hours to do anything.

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