Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

Well, Sarah and I had big plans today. we were going to go to many movies. But we ended up being lazy and not getting out of the house until late so we want shopping and only saw Return of the King. Third time for me. I still cried. I think it will be my last until it comes out on DVD. Unless I can download a DVD screener. Yes, I am evil. I download movies. It's not like I'm not gonna buy the DVD anyway. :) I think my favorite part this time was watching the previews. There are a lot of good movies coming out this year.

So, we're thinking tomorrow may be a renting movies day. There are so many good movies Sarah hasn't seen. I am going to introduce her to the wonder that is Heathers. And, if I can, When Harry Met Sally. She's resisting seeing that one. And Pitch Black. Because, Vin Diesel, yo. And she hasn't seen it.

And once again I am up way past my bed time. So now I sleep.

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