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NSYNC in the membrane.

So I'm back home. The baby shower was ok. Basically we all got there, then we "mingled" for a while, then we ate, then she opened the gifts. Then we left.

I'm all nice and warm and comfy now cause I just got out of the bathtub. I turned on the whirpool and threw in my Celebrity import cd and just sat back and relaxed. I was thinking of my plans for the evening which basically consists of watching Saturday Night Live. What I really want to do tonight is spend time with my friend Jason. He's home from school this weekend, but he's doing family stuff tonight and I was busy last night. He's leaving to go back tomorrow morning so I'm probably not gonna get to see him this time. My parents are gone for the weekend and I have the house to myself, so I'm pretty much just gonna be home by myself all night.

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