Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

My grandmother's 80th birthday is next Saturday. We're having a big party. I am in charge of the music. Which meant that my weekend was spent downloading lots and lots of music from the 30s and 40s. Lots of music. I ended up with something like 32 hours of music. Then I got to go through it all and whittle it down to about 7 hours. So now I have all this music stuck in my head. You know, I've been walking around humming Botch-a-Me and In the Mood and other songs. Which is not really a bad thing.

Also, I seem to have a fever. I would really like this to go away. I'm alternating between being extremely hot and having chills. And no matter how much I eat I cannot stop feeling famished. And I can feel the sinus headache coming on. Which is why I have taken some medicine and am going to bed. I guess I'm going to get that three-day weekend I wanted.
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