Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

I am so very tired today. My headache is going away though, which is a good thing. Excedrin is a godsend. Though, I really have no one to blame but myself. I was up way too late on the phone last night. But I always am when Chris calls. And I actually made it to work on time today despite waking up late. All I can say is thank god someone called at 8 am this morning. I probably would have slept until noon.

Friday night Sarah and I went to Bleu in Detroit to see Armin van Buuren (again). Pictures are up here (my new icon is from those, thanks to Sarah). Fun times. Talked to a guy named Ivan. "Like the huricane." Once again I was right there. It's worth the few extra bucks for VIP tickets, I think.

Work is quiet today. Sharon doesn't work Wednesdays and the bosses aren't in yet, so it's just me in my department. The new girl, Selda, will probably be in around noon. I'm sure one of the bosses will be in this afternoon. Unless I get lucky.

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