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So. Apparently there is a movie filming in downtown Detroit. A movie starring Ewan McGregor. (It's called The Island and it also stars Scarlett Johansson) It's like, 20 minutes from my house. It's been filming since last Monday and I just heard about it this morning. Filming wraps tomorrow. And well, I'm not down there. Instead I'm at work. Not that I'm getting a lot of work done. (because OMG Ewan is in Detroit!)

I was just watching Long Way Round yesterday and thinking how cool it would be if Ewan came to town to film a movie. I wouldn't mind seeing Scarlett Johansson either. But it is not to be. You can bet I'll see the movie when it comes out though.


The icon isn't the perfect one to use, but it's the only Ewan one I have right now. For shame.

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