Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

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*sings* I'm in California. I'm in California.

It's warm. I love it here. I've only been here for, like, an hour and a half and I don't wanna leave. I am relieved that flying went well. I wasn't even afraid once I got up in the air. Well, I guess I wasn't even really afraid during takeoff, just a little nervous. And I do not enjoy the sensation of takeoff and landing. It's like and elevator, only, like, 20 times worse. blech! And ocassionally during the flight I thought my stomach was gonna come up out of me. But it was overall a fun trip. And now I'm at my sister's house, alone, waiting for my sister and her husband to get back home. They are having some slight problems with getting an appointment with the moving department (I'm not sure of the official name). But they finally called today and were like, well if you come right now we can fit you in, so they went. and I don't have military ID so I couldn't get on base. so now I wait.
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