Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

Good Lord. I am so tired. This whole being on the west coast thing is not helping my sleeping patterns. Not to mention the fact that my sister tries to wake me up at 7am. Which would be 10am back home so itshouldn't be that big of a deal. but I'm up till 11 or 12 the night before which is like 2 or 3 am back home. So I'm getting sleep, but I'm still tired because my body is all out of wack. And in a week we're gonna drive back east across the country. I just hope I don't start getting sick.

But enough complaining. I am really enjoying San Diego. My sister and I went shopping today. I love how the malls here are all outside. It is so much nicer here than in Detroit. I was thinking about how cold it probably is at home. I don't wanna go back. I think if I ever get a chance I'm moving someplace warm. I like it here. :)Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a chance to really go some places around San Diego. My sister and her husband are finally getting stuff squared away with Personal Property for the move. As it has been we've had to sit around the house most of the day waiting for phone calls so they could get the move planned. But everything should be taken care of tomorrow and we'll have the weekend to do stuff. I better get to bed now. My sister's gonna wake me up early again tomorrow.

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